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How To Report A Claim If We Are Closed

By March 6, 2018August 23rd, 2018DiGiacomo & Associates

As you know, this past weekend we endured a vicious Nor’easter that wreaked havoc on most of the region. As your local, family-owned agency, we–quite literally–weathered the storm with you. We know how stressful it can be to have to close your business due to a power outage or board up a window when a tree falls on your home. That is why, first and foremost, we thank you for sticking it out with us, and we thank you for your faith and patience as we get all of your claims reported and see you through the process of getting paid.

I’d love to say we’ve gotten through the worst of it and can start breaking out our summer wardrobes, but if you’ve heard the news lately, you know we’re gearing up for another one. And it’s predicted to be even worse, with snow accumulation up to 18 inches!

As we get ready for more high winds and heavy snow, keep in mind some helpful info regarding claims:

What To Do If We’re Closed

Reporting Your Claims With DiGiacomo and Associates

Our office, January, 2016

From securing the right coverage to filing a claim, it’s our pleasure to be here for you every step of the way! However, so that we can ensure the safety of our staff, our office may close for inclement weather. In the event that we have to close early Tuesday and/or are unable to open our doors Wednesday, please know that you have options.

Reporting Your Nor'Easter Claims With DiGiacomo and Associates

Bridge St. outside our office, January, 2016

Urgent Claims

Most common claims can be emailed to your agent and can wait until the next day for your agent to report them. If your claim is not urgent, you can leave us a voicemail or send your agent an email. If you don’t have your agent’s email handy, you can find it here.



If you need to file an urgent claim, most of our carriers provide 24-hour claim hotlines. Below is a partial list of those numbers.

Take Action

If an unfortunate event happens, please remember to let us know right away. When reporting the claim to your agent, you should provide the time and date of the loss, a brief description of what happened, a copy of the police report (if possible) and pictures of the damage. If you own a restaurant or deli and lost power, you should let your agent know if you also lost food due to spoilage.

Stay Safe

We care about you! Please remember to take the appropriate precautions during a storm.

  • Fill the fridge, and pull out backup coolers in case of a power outage.
  • Be sure to have flashlights, candles and matches on hand.
  • Don’t drive on icy roads.
  • Keep your phones charged, and your backup chargers charged.
  • Make sure your First Aid kit is stocked.
  • Find more helpful safety tips here

We’ll get through this storm together! Hopefully it’s our last big storm of the season *knock on wood*, but even if it’s not, there’s always hot cocoa and summer vacation plans. Before you know it, we’ll be complaining that it’s too hot.

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