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Show Your Love With Life Insurance This Valentine’s Day

By February 1, 2018August 23rd, 2018Specialty Insurance

Today, no one could live without their cell phone! And with the cost of phones upwards of $1,000, we’re definitely getting them insured. In fact, more Americans have cell phone insurance than life insurance. Why?

The Myth

People don’t consider life insurance as often as they should because they’re afraid of the cost. They consider it an expense they “probably don’t need.” And they don’t have a trusted agent to discuss options with.

The Truth

It’s not expensive, and everyone needs it. Especially new families!

Consider this: Could you pay the mortgage if you lost your spouse? Could you give them the funeral they deserve? What about your spouse’s loans? Could you send the kids to college or a vocational school without the help of your spouse’s income? Of course, these are unpleasant thoughts, and we’d all just rather not think about them. But the reality is, these terrible, horrible tragedies happen. The question is, would you rather be prepared for the just in case, or take the risk?

Would you risk leaving your spouse with these worries, in the event that you pass away unexpectedly? Should tragedy strike, having a life insurance policy in place for your family will allow your spouse to mourn your loss without worrying about how they’re going to pay the bills alone or give your kids the life you always talked about giving them.

The Cost

A life insurance policy could cost you as low as $9 a month. Personally, when I saw that, I thought about what I’m spending my money on. That’s cheaper than my cell phone insurance, my monthly channel subscriptions, my cable, my Planet Fitness gym membership, my car insurance, and even my renter’s insurance.

It’s never too soon or too late to get a life insurance policy in place to protect the people you love most. This Valentine’s Day, consider showing your love in a way they’ll never forget, and always appreciate.


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