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A Short Story About Travel Insurance

By March 5, 2018August 23rd, 2018Specialty Insurance

Phoenixville, we’ve been suffering a brutal, cold, wet winter that has us all feeling like zombies. Actually, I don’t think we would have made it this far if it weren’t for our beloved Eagles. And yet, a warmer, happier place is in our near future. If not here on Bridge St., then Florida, the Bahamas, California, Mexico, Europe … a brighter place is out there, and we’re heading for it. We’re going to tell you a short story about travel insurance to keep in mind as you’re booking your summer getaways to far-away paradises.

More than 10 years ago, our agency principal, Michael DiGiacomo, booked a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the summer. Having a few health concerns of his own, he decided to buy travel insurance–in case of an emergency, he wanted his own doctors, in his own country.

After five days in Cabo, he began to realize he wouldn’t be using the insurance–his son would. Mike Jr. came down with a rash all over his body that was so contagious, when the doctor saw the rash, he immediately put on a paper mask and told Michael, “This kid is not going anywhere.” Turns out he contracted a rare hybrid form of Scarlett Fever, probably from the plane.

They were scheduled to return home the next day, but that was not a possibility for Mike. He was quarantined in the hospital, where he and Michael would stay for four more days as he recovered. When it was time for payment, Michael gave the doctor his Blue Cross card. It was promptly returned with an apology–they do not accept American health insurance in Mexico. Remembering he had the travel insurance, Michael pulled the crumpled card from his wallet and gave that one a try. After a couple of phone calls, all medical expenses, missed flights and meals were paid.

Once his son was healed and feeling better, Michael decided to give him a real vacation. He booked them a few more days at a beautiful resort on the beach. And the travel policy paid for that, too.

Before this experience, Michael rarely recommended travel insurance. Now he never leaves the country without it.

If you’re planning a trip outside the U.S. this summer, talk to your agent about a travel insurance policy. The peace of mind alone is worth every penny.