Commercial property insurance throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida.

Commercial property insurance protects your assets in the event that they are stolen, damaged or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster. We’ll partner with you to design insurance coverage that will protect your company’s property.

Fire, flooding, theft or accidental damage are unfortunate incidents that could not only damage or destroy your property, but could also devastate your business.

Whether it’s buildings, commercial vehicles or equipment, losing these assets would be a potentially critical setback for your business.

A commercial property insurance policy can protect against the cost of replacing lost or damaged property. Additionally, commercial property insurance can cover any associated losses–such as lost income–that are caused because part or all of your business is temporarily knocked out of action.

It’s worth exploring the options available to you with a business property insurance policy, as they may cover risks you hadn’t thought of. For example, some policies protect against the additional costs you face if rebuilding a damaged business facility means no longer being exempt from local building codes.

Other points to check include whether a policy covers the cost of removing debris before reconstruction begins, as well as whether the business property is covered against weather event damage while being rebuilt.

Whether you rent or own your business office, you likely have a lot of money invested in the property. So, what better way to protect your business from damage and theft than with a commercial property insurance policy? Our customizable policies provide protection for not only your property, but for the business contents inside, as well. Some of our options include:

  • Business Interruption: Did you know that 25% of businesses that are forced to shut down by a disaster for more than 30 days never reopen their doors again? If your business is forced to close temporarily as a result of fire, wind, theft, vandalism, other named coverages, we will take care of the loss of income, bills you are required to pay even though you aren’t open, temporary relocation costs, and more.
  • Equipment Breakdown: This is the leading cause of loss for businesses. In a tech-based world, we rely so heavily on machinery to complete our daily operations. That’s why we provide protection for the computers, refrigerators, ovens, boilers, and other equipment you need should they malfunction.

Commercial property insurance is a great way to ensure that your business’ location and assets, as well as your income, are protected. Have questions? We’re happy to help!

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DiGiacomo & Associates offers comprehensive commercial property insurance throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida.